Pisor Fence Division Inc. (PFI) is a diversified contractor specializing in fencing and fabricated metal projects. PFI was started in 1975 by Charles Prather and in the beginning was primarily a metal fence and gate fabrication company performing work for consumers and public works projects as well.  Eventually PFI became a union shop and now only provides work performed by union employees to public works projects.  Recently PFI has started to also bit and perform work as a general contractor hiring subcontractors for those trades they do not self-perform. General cateogories of work performed by PFI would be for prisons, schools, airports and other customers who require a union contractor.

PFI recognized a need for work for private customers such as apartments and other non-public work projects, so Antelope Iron (AI) was formed in 1983 began to perform ornamental iron fabrication, stairs and railings for apartment buildings and other iron and steel work to private projects as a separate non-union shop.  Jay Haire, Estimating Manager, joined PFI and AI in 1986, Jim Dale, Field Construction Manager came to work in 1988 and John Johnson, Controller, started in 1997.  In 2005 Jim, John and Jay purchased PFI and AI, as well as the property from which the company operates, from Charles Prather.  In 2017 Jay Haire passed away and the remaining owners brought in John Sears, in a financial services role, and Tim Dale, in a field management role, as new owners.

In an effort to grow and prosper PFI/AI has diversified into other markets.  Projects that were successfully bid and completed were in bridge work (railings and guard rails) as well as ornamental structural steel projects (Hazel Ave bridge over Highway 50 and the Highway 50/Watt project railings, fencing and guard rails).  PFI worked on the Doyle Drive runnel project work in San Francisco, many prisons and schools in Northern California as well as a great many other public works projects including county jails, courthouses and other similar work.

We have been fortunate to have been very successful and have realized a consistent growth rate over the years and we are very encouraged about our future. We continue to seek qualified help in the areas of estimators, field foremen and superintendents as well as fabricator/welders and are well situated to continue the growth pattern we have enjoyed over the years.

For over 45 years, Pisor Fence has provided quality service to its clients throughout California

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